Monday, February 13, 2006

6 months

Wow. I find it hard to believe, but it has been 6 months since I arrived in Taiwan. My contract started on September 1st, so I am almost halfway done with that as well. I have been giving thought to what I will do when this year is over, but I haven't decided on anything.

I could go back to the U.S. at the end of the summer. That would be okay. I'd have money saved enough to take some time off. But, I am also thinking about another year here. The ability to save money starts to increase dramatically for teachers who stay here longer than a year. It makes sense, really. A person makes some large purchases in the beginning, like a scooter, computer, whatever, and then doesn't have to make those purchases again. Also, as a teacher gets to know the layout here, there are more and more jobs available, and the jobs are better-paying.

Having said all that, I did not come here to get rich. So I do not want that to be the deciding factor. It will play a part in the final decision, but not the starring role, as it were. The other factors that will, I hope, are my happiness, my comfort level, and also my ability to travel some more in Asia.

Chinese New Year was really good. Due to the weather, I did not go camping. But I was able to relax, read some books, see some movies, sleep late, shop, eat a ton, all that. A great week. The weather here is supposed to get warmer in a month or so, and there will be good opportunities for camping and exploring.