Tuesday, September 20, 2005

my presence is entertaining

It's funny to me when locals stare. It is very common here, whether I'm biking or running or shopping or whatever. Any westerner gets it when here. We're not unique, but fairly uncommon, so that a local person may only see one or two of us in a day. I had a good realization the other day though. I was biking downtown and came upon a stoplight. Just in front of me was a dwarf- Taiwanese. He was on a scooter. In the next lane, there were some children on the back of a scooter. They gave me a cursory glance, then shifted their attention to the dwarf. He was quite interesting to look at. I definitely took my turn. After the kids checked him out, making sure he didn't do any tricks or anything, their attention was then focused back at me. I smiled at them and made a funny face. They laughed, then the light turned green, and they waved at me as their mom pulled away. So my realization was this. In Taiwan, westerners rate just below dwarves on the attention scale. I found comfort in this.


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