Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A market scene. The temple from the picture below is surrounded by this huge market where anything can be purchased, from clothes to fresh seafood. Notice the person on the scooter. She just stopped before I snapped the shot. The alley is maybe five feet wide, but people ride their scooters around the market. No one minds. Taiwan has just recently started to be a prosperous country. It started around twenty years ago, and the country has changed so much that it's really a modern-day wild wild west. The police are way too busy to stop a scooter that is riding on the wrong side of the road or that runs a red light, largely because most scooters do that. These vendors probably pay little or no income tax. Organized crime has a large presence everywhere but in Taipei in the north, also the capitol city. All these things make Taiwan a very vibrant, exciting place to be. Posted by Picasa


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