Monday, August 22, 2005

Jetlag over- let the fun begin

It takes about a week to get over jetlag. I've only experienced it once before when I went to Europe, but it was nothing like coming here. For the record, Taiwan is 13 hours ahead of American Central Daylight. You have no control over your body- as far as energy level and sleep goes. I woke up everyday at 3 am for the first five or six days I was here. Finally, last Friday, I was able to sleep in. Yay!!!

I think I will like teaching. I'm still training, but I have also taught classes. The classes range in age from 7 to 17. All students in a class are at the same level. I'm better at older kids for now, but I'm surprised at how much I like working with the youngsters. They are really sweet.

There are hiking trails really close to where my apartment is. Everyday at 6 am, they are filled with locals of all ages. They hike, stretch, do calisthenics, tai chi, it's amazing to see. They are also curious about this white guy who is trying to jog/briskly walk. I just smile and nod a lot- I suppose it's good exercise as well.

The weather here is hot. Don't let anyone tell you that they can handle heat because they came from the Midwest. I thought that. It's a different kind of heat here. Moist and really flipping warm- like 90's all the time. It maybe cools down to high 80's at night.

I had a "lost in translation moment" last Friday. A fellow teacher took pity on me and invited me out with some friends. Through random connections, I ended up very drunkly singing at a karaoke room- a private room- with some other teachers and Taiwan mob-connected people. No kidding. I was up until 8 am, very drunk and tired. They were incredibly gracious. I assume that they saw me as no threat. I'll talk more on that later. Just know that I am well and learning a lot.


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